University. Expectations vs Reality!

Hello everyone and welcome to blog post no.2!!

Today’s blog post is going to be about the expectations of university vs the reality of it. The rationale behind this blog post is that when I first moved to University, I had very high expectations which unfortunately weren’t met. I feel it is very important to make students aware of the reality of university because it is not always what it is made out to be.

I guess I am quite late on this post as I believe the deadline for UCAS applications is around this time of year. However, students are able to change their minds about university until the very last minute, even when you enrol in uni… you can still leave!

I will start by highlighting some of the generic expectations of university and then talk about my experiences and whether they are truths or myths:

  1. You will drink a LOT

This is a MYTH/TRUTH. It really depends on your preferences. During ‘freshers’ a lot of people living in my accommodation did a lot of drinking, and still do a lot of drinking now. This is mainly due to your student loan so people tend to spend more on alcohol. However, you don’t HAVE to drink at Uni. I don’t drink often and have never felt pressured into drinking. However, it is something that a lot of people talk about, so if you don’t drink you can feel like the odd one out, but don’t worry there will be others like you. 

2. You will DEFINITELY be best mates with you flatmates

This is a MYTH. I think this was the biggest shock of University. I was expecting to make a lot of friends and certainly be very close to my flatmates but I’m not, and a lot of people I have spoken to are not close with their flatmates either. You aren’t guaranteed to love your flatmates or become best friends, but most people do. However, this is not a certainty.

3. You will have the best time of your life.

This is a MYTH. This is very subjective but I felt it appropriate to label it a myth for the following reasons. When applying to university, you aren’t made aware of how difficult it can be. University can be very emotionally draining and a VERY lonely place, especially if you move far away and are not able to travel home frequently. My short time at university so far has proven to be challenging as it is not the fairy-tale it is made out to be. University isn’t for everyone and sometimes you realise that when you get there. There are many reasons why Uni isn’t enjoyable for people BUT, this is very subjective and some people have an amazing time at Uni!!

4. It is necessary to stay up late to complete assignments.

This is a MYTH. Personally, I have not felt it necessary to pull all-nighters to finish any of my assignments. It’s all about time management. Start your assignments early and set realistic goals for what section you want to complete by the end of the day or set hours of study. Staying up all night and being tired will reduce your motivation and could even result in your assignment being worse.

5. All you eat at Uni is pasta and takeaways.

This is a MYTH. This is a huge myth and it’s literally just down to choice. You can choose to only eat pasta and spend money on takeaways but I have only ever done this a handful of times. The trick to eating well (and saving money) at Uni is to do a food shop at places like Aldi or Lidl and plan meals. There are many quick, nutritious and varied meals you in your kitchen at Uni.

I will have a blog post going up within the next week on meal ideas for Uni which are cheap and convenient!

Thanks for reading, I hope you found this blog useful. If you are a college/sixth form student applying to Uni, then Good Luck!!! I hope that you get the offers that you want and achieve the grades you need!

Katie x

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